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Richard Bown's Resume Detail

Management, planning and infrastructure follow-up of multi-platform projects ensuring success in the meeting of requirements for the Y2K transition: hardware, software and code. This intervention required the identification and stowing with various intervention groups: a project evaluated at 400 person years accomplished with the assistance of a planning team comprising of 26 specialists, MS Project was the planning tool of choice. The published project plan extended over 100 pages. Delivery on-time and within budget upon completion. 
Management, planning and control to modify in-house software and software packages to transform them into expert systems transparent to the type of customer-information, while ensuring a sub-second response time. 
Project management of information integration projects in telecommunication environments (Hydro-Quebec, Standard Life, DND NORAD, Marleau Lemire, Micom etc.) in order to make them more effective for the users and reduce the number of information systems required to support the retrieval of pertinent information. 
Senior Management, Planning and Implementation of national development integrated projects for various Federal Ministries (Canada Post, DSS, Treasury, Revenue and Taxation, Customs and Excises, Public Works, NORAD and DND) as well as many companies involved in the economic aspects and requirements of: Real Estate, Services, Access to information, Corporate Representation, Finance etc. 
Project planning and management of software quality assurance in the fields of information exchange and the reengineering of operating software and application software. 
Management Master Plans, Project Plans, Reports, Presentations and published opinions for the federal ministries: Service of Operations Provisioning (DSS) and Public works and governmental Services Canada, Canada Post, CCPEDQ, Standard Life, Marleau Lemire. 
Development of an SQA methodology for Canada Post (also: Micom, Equifax, Birks, CAF) encompassing a complete system of quality assurance of the software, in accordance with the military standards of American defense (U.S. MIL. Specs. of DoD), integrating: plans, standards, procedures, forms and checklists for the management, contracts, development and test groups (monitored by a cross-reference matrix stating the level of responsibility and intervention required still in use). 
Within the teaching framework in the public, para-public and private sector, preparation of course outlines, course content, schedule planning and instruction. Also, teaching as course instructor and lecturer for the UQUAM and network training officer for the Fed. Gov. The scope included the university graduate and undergraduate programs, the collegiate and adult training classes. 
Modular and functional systems analysis for the manufacturing, distribution and banking system industries. 
While reading for econometrics, I was retained by the Montreal Star do develop a sales forecasting model 

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