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Perspectives - The New IT Perspectives

The World of IT is morphing into a Business oriented mode. The Classical IT positions are to be no longer, just different; as when PCs were first introduced. The second phase occurred as communications enhancement introduced the LAN, MAN and WAN from the CICS technologies. 
Finally, the Web now allows transparent worldwide application and data stitching
Sat TV, Streaming Videos, DVD codec, BlueRay, Bluetooth, Wireless Satellite are now embedded in our day-to-day way of life, and they work together ! 

FROM ..... Unruly Chaos ..... TO ..... Visible Structure
Business needs to adapt in order to benefit from these emerging technologies, which ultimately means that people must refocus on the key issues: not the technology, which is now self-sufficient, but the Business direction the Corporation must take. The Corporate Vision that will propel it leagues ahead of it's competitors.
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