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Organization - How to Easily Migrate

This scenario now needs to be implemented. 
We will approach this as a phased-challenge step-by-step and introduce it with as few steps as organizationally possible. 
Steering committees have existed in the past and have been called upon for guidance to the CEO. Today, we live another reality - the newly created CIO: Chief Information Officer. Simply, a company cannot exist without a product and the product-information related to legislation, industry, competition, marketing, operations, finance, client demograghics and world market directions. 
The Solutions Architect Manager builds a small team of three: the Administrative Assistant, the background Tecchie and the Solutions Architect(SA).  
The SA task is to bridge the Executive and Operations through the IT Project managers under the oversight of a Program Director should this position exist in the Corporation. 

The Cohesion Phase I.
After no more than four weeks, the SA should have (1) met with each Executive and vetted the Coporate Vision, (2) mapped the IT project interdependancies into a cohesive timeline puzzle layout identifying critical delivery dates,(3) Cross-referenced the vision statements with the projects and introduced new areas of coporate involvement -new projects for completeness - and, finally, (4) prepared, reported and presented to everyone involved - Executives as well as IT staff - the SA statement of understanding of the overall Corporation Vision and On-going Efforts. 
This is subject to modification and revision with a final ratification of the new Direction. 
The Building Phase II.
The time has come to plan and implement these new elements. Starting with a Prototype, validate adequate staffing, merging or expanding projects, introducing new projects and oulining a Vision Plan. At every step, obtaining the necessary approval or defending the inital phase report objectives. However, the delivery dates must be accepted by all; the client and the IT adapting team member. 
The Review Phase III.
The pieces have been put together, they are in "Prototype-Beta" mode. A General Review meeting, as in Phase I is held to sign-off on the compliance of the Prototype before implementing and vetting the outcome. A bit of fine-tuning may be required, that is only normal. 
We now proceed to an Application Technology review from the time the Program has been initiated, and identify those products that can further enhance the Vision. 
We then re-initiate a New Phase I.  
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